Camping anyone?


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This is my other hobby. We live 30 minutes from the lake and go camping twice per month minimum when weather is nice. Also travel further away when time allows.




We have a place at Shadow Lakes out in Braidwood Illinois about a 45 minute drive from home. I'm out their every weekend during the spring, summer and fall months. We go for the day occasionally during the winter.


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We have a seasonal site in southeaster Wisconsin, 90 minutes from home:
It is the reason I have a cart!
We also hitch up the Coleman popup and tour this great country. This is near the shore of Lake Yellowstone:
This past summer near Ouray, Colorado:
Yeah, we like camping. I would say we LIVE for camping! In a few years (hopefully) we will sell the house and do the "fulltimer" RV thing. I just need a cement pad and a utility stalk somewhere in Colorado above 8,000 feet to call home for the summer. Winters will be spent touring the southern states.


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The wife and I enjoy camping also. We have a coachman pop-up that we drag up to lake Summerville 4-5 times a year. This is the same place I bought my cart for $25. Im startin to get the itch already. Ill post some pics next time I have it set up but dont expect too much, its a 1986 model. :)


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I was called to be the Scout Master at my church, so i have been going with the Boy Scouts at least once a month, and I'm preparing them for an week long 50-mile Appalachian Trail Hike this summer. I have gone once before, and went from the start of it in GA at the falls to helen's Unicoi Gap. We will Be going from Nantahala NC north about 50-miles somewhere around Wesser i believe haven't finalized it all yet...

Heres The scouts and i on one trip i ended up having to use the 4-wheeler to get us there...

My new tent, its an Big Agnes Seedhouse SL-2, very nice, have made it through some crucial weather in this back before Christmas...Rained for about 10hrs straight through the night into the morning, and im talking hard and heavy, i was bone dry and slept like a baby, and the next night it got down into some below freezing temps, again i was warm and cozy...with the aid of my thermolite ProLite-4 sleeping pad, and my cats meow mummy sleeping bag...heres some pics...

The girls playing on my bag and pad...

Daddies turn...