Camper set up for 2008


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Here are pics of the enlarged deck. It was hard to try to get it all in the pic.

The deck is 8'x31' across the front with a 4'x6' add on the front. L shaped around the back with 7'x10'. It also had a 4'x8' add on. I am using this as the BAR and cooking area. Complete with 4 bar stools, table, chairs and umbrella. Lots of sitting area now. The old deck always seamed too cramped. Much nicer now. I am going to get 8' long conduit for each corner or turn and attach nice rope lighting to out line the deck.


Nice camp site you got there. Throw a big party on that deck.


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Great site Jerry! Just how much pea gravel did you lay down there? I love the stuff too! One more load and I can throw my mower away. Who wants to go to their summer place and mow the lawn anyway?


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SOrry I haven't replied. I don't get topic notifications like I should.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. The place is located out side a little town called GROVER HILL, OHIO.
It is a very nice place. Small, about 180 sites but growing. There is a waiting list to get in seasonal. Just ask my inlaws. They were trying to buy their own camper and lot but nothing available. Sooooo...........
We we went camper shopping on Saturday and found this beauty.

SALEM LA 312QBBS 35 1/2' outside length 31' inside 2 bedroom Queen Bed Bunk Slide

The bunk area will be for my family + dogs. Bedroom for the inlaws.

We decided to share the lot and camper. SIgned the papers on Monday, filled out the loan application Tuesday and will know if its ours hopefully today. If so, we will have it by the weekend. I should of took pictures of it to post.

Inlaws made a deal I could not refuse. I get the loan in my name, Payments on $24,500 for 15 years with 6.9% is around $225. I pay $200 every month, they pay $800. Till its paid. Should take less than 3 years. And then it is ours. Set it up this way just incase something happens to them, its still ours.They said it is getting some of our inheritance early so all can injoy. Fine with me. I lost my Dad in 86 and mom in 93. And I consider them my own.

I did trade mine in on the camper but all I got for it was the payoff of my 2nd mortgage. But I owed $4300! Thats above book value! So we made out! Paid $5395 6 years ago for it. We borrowed $10,000 to pay off some debt.

We did do some comparision shopping too at a JAYCO dealer. They had the identical floor plan but not near the cabinets or as nice of wood work. And in the bunk area, they had this foam fold thing called a J-CUBE that was like a kid type couch that when folded out became a double bed of 6" foam on the floor. SALEM uses a real fold out couch. And The dealer wanted $5000 more! $29,995!!! We instantly drove over to the Salem dealer and signed the papers.

Inlaws said the deck had to go. They want to put in a 30x10 level up to camper door so you walk right in. And also a handicap ramp just in case. I told them I would sell our deck and what ever we get, they can have. Best thing is, I don't have to build it! Thank GOD! The arthritis is kicking my butt these days.

Sorry so long.... But that is my up date. LOL


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Loan approved! Its getting delivered Friday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.99% interest
15 year loan
$224.46 monthly payment.


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Thats great! NIce looking camper. My wife and I have a 29' Layton on a permanent sight. This is our first year doing the permenent thing and we love it. But we have decided that with 2 kids, the 29' just dont cut it. It only has one slide out, and there just isnt enough room for all of us. So I think we will be looking for something bigger for next year. Sounds like you walked into a sweet deal.


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I also was told by the in laws to sell the deck. All as 1 or seperate. They want us to have a better one professionally built. 30'x10' with a ramp. Even with the camper doors. Just give them what we get for our old deck. Called a contrator and just so happens he can get right on it. Meet with him friday morning. Said he can start on it probably Monday. I asked my in laws WHY? They just said that we do so much for them that we deserve to have something nice for a change. We are always inviting them over or going over there.

My wife's sister does not. Christmas only. And that last about 3 hours and DONE. They really don't want nothing to do with us. I don't mean to step on anyones toes but this is how we see it. They think they are better than us. They have the $200,000 home and drive the Cadillac SUV and Mercedes. Have a Maid. He does own a tool box in the garage but I think it has 4 layers of wax on it. No grease smudges. White walls and has that expensive floor coating. I am not jealous, its their attitude. You can have all that and be down to earth. I don't know what planet they are from. But anyhow, anytime the in laws go to visit them, they are busy or this is going on or that and cut their visit short. I hate going out to eat with them cause I know we are under dressed and makes us feel bad. Sorry. I can't compete with that. And the in laws come from country living raising animals and farming. They have their will set up for my wife and her sister everything is 50/50 but they want us to have extras before the good LORD takes them. So we are not going to argue. I guess we are their favorites. LOL I really thank GOD for them. They are very proud


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What a long, busy weekend. But got the switch DONE! And the lot back together. I will try and get all the pics posted in the morning. I am way to tired. Here is a few out side shots and 1 inside so you can see the awesome colors inside.