Camo Wrap for cart


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I have a used ez go that I am turning into a hunting rig. I already have the big tires - new headlights - and roof cover. I am looking at doing a camo finish - has anyone tried this? - how did it work?


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I am doing the same thing. Please let me know when you do it, or when you find out some helpful information. What kind of camo roof cover did you use?


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you can do your own camo job pick up some cans of spray paint at your local wal-mart that would be good camo colors. next find you some small tree limbs with leaves or some tall grasses hold them on the cart and spray away.just keep moving and spraying around the cart and you will see when you have a pattern. i have seen some realy good paint jobs done this way i guess you could just call this the redneck camo pattern.


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I used the 4'x5' camoclad sheet and it did the whole cart (not the top) with one sheet and it looks great!!be sure and get the permanet and not the removable ,last much longer.