Calling On The Yamaha G2 experts


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So, just bought a 1991 G2, at least that is what I think.......
SN J55201181 if an expert ould verify that I would appreciate it!

I bought it for my son who has Muscular Dystrophy to get around the neighborhood.
He wants to build it in a Monster Energy Theme, so the build will begin as soon as I collect the needed parts and the painter can start.
The "build" will be fun!
I have looked around on this site over last couple weeks and answered a lot of my questions.... but cannot find all the answers

I have lots of questions and this seeems like a site with great info, so here goes the initial round....
*I need a new windshield (broke on way home) yes I pissed myself off.
Will the windshield come with all new rubber and all stuff needed to mount?

* can I mount a folding rear seat on this?
If not, can I mount a cargo box? or Flat bed?

*if I install lights and tail lights, do they draw hard on the battery when the cart is running?
Any other suggestions?

* Does someone make a dash cover with gloveboxes for G2?

* Please confirm I need a 3 hole adapter to install new steering wheel?

* Does anyone make a NOS frame for the top?

* Does anyone make a billet or other shifter that raises the foward/reverse shifter?

* Does anyone make an overhead console to house stereo and speakers?

Any help is appreciated!


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Check with the site sponsors here for those aftermarket parts. If you still need more info then I would say check out Golf Cart Catalog or your local yamaha dealership( if you have one) for OEM stuff.Some of that OEM stuff may be getting harder to get for the G-2/9s but they are great carts and are worth fixing up. Ive had 2 myself and regret selling them.