Cadilllac CTS-V vs Audi S8


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Audi S8 and all the other sedans, coupes, sports cars.

Why does the worlds fastest production v8 sedan get so little attention? They paste :censored: about all kinds of coupe's, sports cars, etc...

Bull:censored: I tell ya. :thumbdown:

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The newest version of the S8, which will likely cost around $115,000 when it appears in the U.S. in the summer of 2012, has an all-new twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. With a stiffer suspension than the A8, it’s extremely high performance, a real “driver’s car.” But it isn’t technically a racing vehicle. It’s an executive-class sedan designed for commuting and weekend drives. Audi decided to deploy it on a track, a company PR guy told me, “to show what it can do.”

Sounds great but a little rich for my pocket book....


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The CTS-V kicks the chit out of it in every aspect of performance. :yes:

S8 0-60 4.2+ top speed 155.

V 0-60 3.9- top speed 190.

S8 115,000 beans
V 72,000 beans