Cables Hooked to Motor Melted On My E-Z-GO Golf Cart


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I've got a 94 E-Z-GO TXT golf cart that is 36 volts. One of the cables that hooks to the motor got so hot that it melted off of the motor terminal. The terminal on the motor was loose so I pulled the motor with the intention of replacing the terminal, when I pulled the motor apart it looked like it got so hot it melted some kind of plastic all over the armature. The windings also looked fried.
I want to replace the motor with a stock new one but not sure of what motor type to use. My cart has a switch on the box covering the controller, the controller has the 3 large cable conn. and a 10 terminal connector, the forward reverse is a handle right below the seat and the motor only has 4 connections going to it with no wire coming out the end of it.
Also, when I replace this motor, what should I do to keep this from happening again?


If your golf cart is a 94 and has a run tow switch it's a DCS motor and should be a E-Z-GO Medalist model. Melt downs are usually caused by loose/dirty connections or bad cables. The heat at the motor could have been caused by motor problems. I have a used stock EZGO DCS motor that's got low hours on it for $125 + shipping if you're interested.
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hey Hot Rod he said it has a run tow switch on the controller cover so doesn't that make a DCS?


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Thanks for all the answers and the welcome. I'am located in Milledgeville, Ga. , better known as the nut city because of the large mental hospital that use to be here.