Bypassing the Governor

I wanted to get a little more speed out of my 96 Melex gasser golf cart so I decided to bypass the governor. The governor was limiting top speed at 18 mph 1800 rpms. Motor is strong so I figure turning it as much as 4000 should be fine, for short bursts anyway...

The gov on this cart is odd in my opinion, I don't know what other mfg's if any use this configuration, but I couldn't use a zip tie on it like most can that have an inline spring. Here's what it looks like:



So I just removed it to get it out of the way by loosening the nut that locks it onto the shaft coming out of the differential.

Then I made a bracket to hold the accelerator cable and hooked it directly to the carburetor.


You'll have to adjust your cable so that the micro switch that triggers the starter/gen to turn and start the motor, engages before the cable begins to open the throttle. Once you get that dialed in, your done.

Now I get 28 mph and turn 36-3700 rpms :yes: