Bye Bye GMC


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If you look in lifted carts 14" ezgo lift you will see a picture of my beloved '90 model step side. Well I just watched it drive off a couple of hours ago. I did not get as much as I wanted but it went to a good home. Now I will be able to buy a 2001 f-350 from work and everything I need to finish the cart. That means Ill have a running cart and a truck to haul it in about two weeks. I wont lie and say I didnt tear up a little because I did, but we must move on no matter how bad it hurts. My little rat rod will be missed but this just gets me closer to another GTO, hey my wife did say "youll get another hot rod one day" that sounds like permission to start shopping to me.

PS. A couple of beers calmed my nerves so you guys dont need to worry about my well being, Ill be fine, thanks for your emotional support
Love, Matt


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I'm through with cars and trucks. I'm just gonna buy Jeeps from now on! They do everything I ask them to, and more.


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Ive driven many diffrent service vehicles in the hvac/r bizz. Ford and Chevy vans and trucks all 3/4 ton or 1 ton and out of all of them the ford trucks have given me the least problems. Ive seen them all go through trannys but the chevy 3/4 ton with the 6.0 went through a tranny, oil pump, rear main seal, tensioner pully and a/c compressor all before 200k miles. The Chevy van went through 2 trannys 1 engine and a/c before 150k miles. The fords are better but still have some issues. I used to be die hard chevy, now Im just wanting a truck i can depend on, I dont care whos name is on the tailgate.

Don B.

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Somebody will be prying my cold dead fingers from my 83 Dodge 3/4 ton.... if not that one then it'll be one of my 2, 4.0- straight 6 powered Jeeps... (I also have a 97 Wrangler and a same year Cherokee) I have had by far the best service out of pre '94 Dodge trucks vs anything else.