Buying a 1975 AMF/Harley Gas 3 Wheeler Golf Cart


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Hello to all. I have available to me a very short window to purchase a 1975 3wheel gas AMF/Harley golf cart. It ran "recently" (not sure exactly what that means) but doesn't run now. Looks to be "in-tact" (all parts appear in place...all original). Am told it is likely a "wiring" issue. But I know they are guessing. honest sellers...who have no clue.

I have been in the market for a "vintage" cart that I could restore. Never considered (or even knew of) these carts until today. Have spent most of the day looking up info on these carts...and surprised to see that there are many sights and places that seem to sell parts.

I have no knowledge of them myself...and a limited window to purchase (they are moving in 2 days).

Here is the model # 3B11811H5

What I would like to know from those who have some insight to offer....

Is $275-$350 to buy it (final price isn't set) a reasonable price (assuming body in tact and all parts are present)?

If restored....what sort of value do these cart have in comparison to other carts (same, better, worse?)

Are gas carts more expensive than electric?

Most important.....if it is available are the documents needed to fix the problem?

Because of the short window available to me...I don't have time to do all research needed.
This appears like a good deal....but just wanted other (informed) opinions.
Thanks in advance

Can post soon as I figure out how...
The possibilities are endless, it just depends on your imagination and abilities and how much time and money your willing to invest. If possible, take some pics of it opened up.


I think 275-350 is kind of high. From what I've seen a 3 wheel Harley running and in real good condition sells for around $500 tops. If your just looking for a project go for it. If you want to make money on it after restoring it I'd pass.


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I just sold an electric one, not running but with a box load of new parts, and an extra motor, I got $100.00 and was glad to see it go.


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Did you ever buy this cart? Too many posts on this forum come to a dead end never knowing if it was bought, fixed, junked or sold.