buss bar


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what is thick of heavy duty buss bar for ezgo golf carts. my buddy said to up grade with my lift kit and big tire


The thickness varies depending on where you get them. They're usually about 1/8" thick and made out of brass or copper...


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Jordan..... If you run buss bars be careful with the batteries.... Your entire pack will need to be rock sold....The buss bars have no play in them like cable does.... If you ran buss bars & your batteries are allowed to have moment in them....This will cause damage to the terminal post causing them to become lose.... I use buss bars in my drag carts.. These carts run on the strip with no movement or bouncing that would come with offloading or just running a bumpy road.. I use cables on my other carts... Just my


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Thanks Rod....I am not really any good at helping with ones cart... All I know & under understand is what i build...I use double contractors for my forward & reverse... Sorry for the miss understanding Jordan....I just assumed that he was talking about the batteries....