Burnt Smell from Club Car Battery Charger


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2006 Club Car DS battery charger has been plugged in and apparently working ok. I took the cart out for a quick spin to rotate the tires after a long winter storage. Came back after about 10 min. of running and plugged the cart in. went to put some things away and when I came back there was a horrible burnt smell. I tracked it to the battery charger. When I opened the charger the rectifier seems to be the cause of the odor. Now for the real question. Is there anything on the golf cart that could have caused this to happen or could the rectifier ( if that is the problem) have just gone bad all of a sudden? The charger has been in the weather for a couple weeks. But all was ok until now... thanks for your thoughts


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Does this weather include rain?
I agree with HRC, unless you have a dead short somewhere, it's unlikely the cart caused this.