bumper hitch for 09 RXV


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I purchased a bumper hitch for 09 RXV from "Just Golf Carts" in MD and after reading the directions I started work... right off the bat I found problems.
First the instruction say you need to cut away a 3/4" round hole in the plastic to access a nut in the frame is poorly understated. I had to remove some 8 or 9 square inches of the plastic bumper inner support to get the hitch to fit.

Then when I first bolted it up there was a gap between it and the frame, which allowed it to pivot on the mounting bolts (hence poor design).


So I removed it and made the mounting holes bigger in the hitch to remove the gap and help stop the pivoting. The second install went OK until I stood back and looked at the hitch with an insert into the receiver... It angled down almost looking like a dog with it's tail between it's legs.

So I removed it a second time, detached the receiver from the cross piece. I added 2 1" square tubes welded together to the bottom side of the cross piece, re-attached the receiver and painted and re-installed onto the cart.

Now the hitch is the way it should be... after an email of apology only from Dan I cannot endorse this product... he won't even tell me who made the hitch.


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You are both welcome:

Please note that after my shortcomings with the original hitch, I set out to improve the original. After my re-engineering of the hitch, I am quite happy with the end results.

I am 240 lbs and I bounced on the receiver with no problems... but now I see I may need to add a leaf to the cart.

Here is a close up of the hitch after I re-engineered it. I lower the front of the receive to correct the angle. I filled in the crack between the 1" square tubing and the original 1" X 2" tubing that the manufacture used with some Dura-glass and painted it.