Builing a High Voltage Golf Cart - Questions


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Hello All,

I'm new to this and wanting to build something quiet and electric based on a later model Club Car platform, lifted and equipped to take moderate punishment in the South Texas brush. Based on my initial observations on different sites, it looks like the Club Car holds the advantage over the Textron EZ Go in that it has the aluminum frame and better steering qualities but a harsher ride. Is this correct?

I was hoping that you guys could possibly give me some good recommendations on a used cart, lift kit, tires etc.

My nickname is OK (over kill) so don't be afraid to offer outrageous suggestions.

The primary objective for this project is 100% off road sneaking up on hogs and euthanizing them. The hog problem on my place has gone from being a fun opportunity to bag something for the bbq pit to an out of control serious problem. I'm clearing some narrow paths through patches of woods which connect small clearings. I plan to maintain these paths with a box blade for optimal stealth but my Cat powered Cub is about as stealthy as a marching band coming through the woods.

I'm intrigued by the bad boy but prefer to build something myself as 4x4 is not neccessarly required. Basically, I just want to use it, abuse it and not worry about babying it or excessive maintenance.

Oh yah, what are your thoughts on 72 volt?

I am currently building building a budget boy as I like to call it from a 97 EZGo for turkey huntin. I got a deal on the cart, that is the only reason it is an EZGo. I have done all the body work and paint. I am currently waiting on a Logisystems 700 amp controller and a lift kit to come in the mail. I will let you know how it turns out.
Before building the EZGo i did take it camping at the hunt club for a week to put it through the wringer. Half a dozen 10-13 year old boys couldnt make it quit so it passed my test.


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I'm building an 05 ezgo for the same reasons. Took my to the atv pak and this thing is tough. I've put new batteries and a 500amp alltrax contoller in it an on first test run thru a dry creek got about a foot of air. does alot better than I had hoped. I have heard the club car frame can twist out under abuse that is why I went with exgo. Plus no salt in my area.


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I know this will cause some backlash from the EZGO bunch but I feel that you are looking in the right direction with a Club Car. As to ride it all depends on what you have for springs, and I have found that stock is better in any brand cart.
I would use one of the JAKES KITS for your lift as they are top quality in my mind anyway. OFFSET Wheels and tires should be not TOOO HUGE but should add to your clearance on dirt roads as you explained and should be of a traction type. Remember that the larger the tire the harder it is to turn over for a electric or gas rig. Around here ( SAN BENITO ) they seem to use the STRYKER brand alot for what you are talking about.


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Thanks for the responses fellas.

I had another question about the later model vs. older model carts.

Can someone clarify the difference between a controller type and a resistor type of cart?

Thanks for the welcome there DW. Agreed on the Jakes. I've been checking out their site via the links here and reading all the customer testimonials which kind of speak for themselves. I can't stand reverse engineered Chinese stuff.

Poolguy, I didn't think about the frame twisting angle. I'm a bbq loving large son a gun so it would definately be in a bind with me driving it.


A resistor cart uses resistor coils to control speed and are less efficient than a electronic controller. The resistors will heat up cherry red when running the cart a slow speeds. I'd recommend a controller cart...


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I've seen 2007 to 2008 Club Car Precedents for $2700 to $2900.

Is this a good deal?

Is the Precedent a good platform?


For a 2008 Precedent that's not a bad price. They're good carts but I think the Club Car DS is a better cart. The Precedents are more prone to having problems with the front suspension than the DS. If you plan on using the cart on the street most of the time the Precedent is fine. I'm not a big fan of the 12 volt batteries like the Precedent uses...


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I have a 92 club car 48 v with 4 X 4 kit 25" tires and a 03 48 v ezgo 4 x 22" tires both are lifted with 600 amp controllers 4 X 2 is quieter and 4 X 4 is bad ass for rough terrain with 14 horse D & D motors also built custom roof stands on both I hunt out of them they never new I was there 9 ft elevated. after all the tinkering I suggest club car 4 X 2 with D & D motor for awesome torque and min 600 amp controller you can go just about any where in/out ditches,up hills,thru-mud ect. and winch for added equipment 8 volt dry cell batteries give long distance travel in terrain.