Building Electric Drag Cart 101


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We don't say fat... The proper term is fatite. Much like petite, only completely different...
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Steve we have the technology to push these carts to speeds 100 plus mph in the 1/8 mile. I can hold the wheelbase to 90 inch. But for that kind of speed and I have talk to a lot of chassis builders they all say 103 in wheel base.. Are whatever the wheelbase of a 68 camaro is.. All I am saying is if we are going for that kind of speed we should at least do the math for no other reason but for the safety of our drivers... The quick acceleration & the speeds of the out law carts different them selfs from the lower voltage carts & should have their own guide lines to be built by… Just my
Is your 90 inch wheel base non negotiableb on the outlaw carts.These carts are just going to get faster. Golf cart motors are turning higher rpm's & that can live at 200 + volts Batteries are getting lighter & more powerful. Speed controllars being built 200 plus volt.Electrical lee they can be wired insane.
I understand having rules & limits...Put limits on voltage.. That will reduce the speed..but to have a limit on the wheel base & not the speed does not come down to who is the fastest but who has the biggest balls....Hell for that we can all just all drop our pants!!!!??????

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Just reread this thread and took a trip down "Memory Lane"....Some things change and others remain the same...

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Rod.... This pot has not been stirred since Jan.4 .... Thought it might be settling and needed a quick stir...

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Steve... It is no secret that I used to be associated with the Plum Quick Gang....In fact I still talk with some of them regularly....