Building a EZGO PDS Golf Cart Looking for Speed


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For years i been running 6.1 motor and 700 amp systems from Buggies Unlimited, yes the one that burns up the forward and reverse switch. I'm looking to up the stakes. I'm going to be building a EZGO PDS golf cart, no lift kit, 12'' rims and low profile tires. I'm looking for speed and to go as fast as I can. I need your in put on what you would do to make it happen. I'm calling D and D Motors for a motor controller. I was thinking the high speed gear set, traction control system, 1 gauge wires, Trojan batteries, and anything else you can think of. Please your in-put would be helpful. if you were to do it and had unlimited funds how would you do it? :checkered: :dazed:


If your going to stay at 36 volts I'd say stick with your plan on the D&D motor, Alltrax controller, high speed gears, etc...