Building a Electric Drag Racing Golf Cart


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I'm going to be building an electric drag racing golf cart. I build custom carts but havnt done much with major speed upgrades. Only speed upgrades ive done is 400 amp controllers, and one 36volt to 48volt conversion. Im wanting to build an electric EZGO golf cart for drag racing that will carry the front tires down the drag strip. What are my options?


You will need a lot of voltage, big dollar controller, all the other electrical parts to handle the high voltage and suspension to handle the power and be safe. How fast do you want to go? How much money do you want to invest in the project? Give us an idea of how much money you want to spend...


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I would like to get the speed up to around 50 or more. As far as the money, its open for debate. I do have a few connections as far as parts. Also what about welding the axle? Will that help? If so where do i weld it?


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FWIW I was watching a program called Pass Time on Speed and they ran an electric dragster with over 400 Lithium Ion batteries. He ran an 8.45!


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At the 2006 Bonanza I ran 8.7 seconds in the 1/8 mile and topped out just above 50 MPH. The set up was a PQ D-380 motor, a 120 volt battery pack and controller capable of this voltage.

Since you want top end AND acceleration you need higher voltage. 48V has been known to get to 50 MPH but it takes a while to get there. The 120 volt cart used 10 deep cycle 12 volt batteries with starter ratings so they could handle the start current. Launch could easily exceed 1000 amps but this was just for a very short time and the current fell to 700A fairly quickly.

I just read that the 08 Bonanza was on in London Kentucky, I plan to be there.