Buggies Unlimited 8" Lif Kit Review


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I saw this 8" lift kit on Buggies Unlimited and decided to order it without reading a review on it.. Price seemed right. I have a 93 club car gas golf cart and decided to go with a lift just for a change in look. I don't plan on any real off roading, just some dirt and gravel roads around town and camp. I would like to know if anyone has tried this lift and what they think of it. Would 23 inch tires on 12" rims fit good? What is the max tire size I can put and still function fine "steering, rubbing issues". I also bought the drive clutch 200rpm spring and timing advance key from CCP. I would just like some opinions.. Thanks


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Good Lift Kit i have Installed a few of these. They seem to hold up well.
I know you can stick a 10.50 26 under it with the correct wheel offset and not have a problem.
You may have some rubbing in the rear if you are driving sideways on steep angles or turning fast/sharp.
I have had a couple that needed the front bolts tweaked a little to fit but all is well.

23 inch tires may look a little funny. These kits ride very stiff. You will loose low end power. I would machine the clutch and add the spring.