BU Dash

Ooooook! ...."I Wanted" light

The box says BURLED WOOD..(Whatever The heck that is)
I wanted the LIGHT OAK dash because it matched my seats better.
The dash is kinda flimsy and be carefull drill the holes in the dash because it very thin.

You cant tighten up the screws very much because you will crack the plastic. I would suggest using some blue lock-tite on the screws so they wont back out.

I called BU to return the dash or get my money back and they said thats the dash in the picture! HMMMM! I gave the lady all the info off the box and she went and checked and came back and said.. "Thats the only one we offer like that so it must be right". I told her it was a darker color and all.

I ended up keepin it because I wanted a dash.

I give the BU dash a 2 out 0f 10..


Rock God
Hey, PM me an order number, your name, or order number and I'll look into it. The picture doesn't look like light oak to me, but I need some more info.
Yes Buggies Unlimited call me today and I told Shelly the story and all......I bought the dash when it was listed in "New Products" and from what I'm understanding they had taken delivery of the darker colored ones instead of "Light oak". Again remember this was a new product at the time so its understandable......Anyways...there gonna exchange the dash with the light oak one.

I didn't start this thread to try and get my dash replaced, I just decided to do a review on it...

Thats thats what I call good product support.

Thanks everyone....Thanks Volt, Thanks Keyguy