Broken Steering Rack Housing


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While installing a new lift kit on my '02 txt I discovered one of the bolt tabs had been broken off of my steering rack. I think it would be possible to tig weld it but the heat from the welding might do damage to the parts and lubrication inside the housing. The way I see it I can either strip the rack down to the bare housing and tig weld it,or buy a used rack and replace it, or buy an after market rack to replace it. (a new OEM rack is out of the question financially)

My question is has anyone had success welding these housings? Are the after market racks any good? Does anyone have a good used rack for sale at a reasonable price?

2002 ezgo txt electric
Cliff Lasater
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you can try to weld it and add material to help keeping it from breaking again....

that is a cast alum so tig is still going to be fun....

im not aware of a after maket rack that will work as a replacement of the orginal....

there are 2 or maybe 3 different styles of factory rack and one of them had an extra bolt for mounting...

ill look later today i might have a used one on the shelf....

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