Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Breathing Heavy - Drag Racing Golf Carts


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I setup a couple of tractor pullers with this same Briggs & Stratton Vanguard and carburetor combo and it seems to well together.
This set is heading Florida to see how they like breathing that humid air in the drag racing golf carts.


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Nubs how big is a Vanguard motor.. Will it fit under a bar stool ? I am looking for a different type of motor for my bar stool racer...I have one of the first 100cc twin head 1971-1972 Yamaha motors. I am looking real close at that one but not sure I want to take it off the bike... It is as clean today as it was the first day I drove it to school... My dad left me a 1960 ~ 1965 Ford garden tractor.. It is all box up but all the parts are there... That motor was also twin head.. Not v-twin butt side by side.. I don't know much about small motors... I'm just looking for one that is very different & cool looking... I don't need it to be fast ... Going to pull stuff in & out of the trailer with it... Also the cart back to the pits... What do you think... I hope the motors that I have are not to old that you can't work on one of them... :rotflmao:


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hey garage we can make it 24 volt electric i have a little motor that we are fab up for oour body karts or bar stools.... whos barstool did you buy????


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strap it to a skid and send it up and i'll give it a Nub job :rotflmao: and ship er back, even paint her if ya want :dazed: