Briggs & Stratton Intake and Exhaust Mods

My Melex golf cart has a 9 hp Briggs & Stratton and I'd like to do some intake and exhaust mods. I have replaced the stock air filter for the intake with the K&N from CPP. I would like to get a header pipe, muffler, and jet like CPP advertises, but they are listed as matching the popular mfgs. I need to know what other mfgs. use B&S motor like mine so I know what kit or individual parts to buy. I'm not sure how to proceed otherwise, as I'm pretty sure I need to match a new jet w/the header and muffler.

Any suggestions or info?

Thanks! :hattip:


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
you can make up some different carb adapters and make a header and do some experimenting or these fellas can set ya up but it'll be a few bucks.