Briggs into a Club Car help


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I'm in the process of building up my cart and I'm comming up to the point of putting the engine into it. Since this is my first ever build, I want to avoid as many mistakes as possible. If any of you guys have some pictures of your engines mounted into the cart, could you please post them so I can get a general idea of what I need to do. My cart is a 2000 carryall turf 2, just for reference. Also, if any of you have any little tricks you would like to share, I would greatly appreciate them as well.



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Being a '00 I believe the motor runs backwards for forward motion. Are you planning on running it in reverse? Although I believe its a lower gear ratio, some folks have done that. Sorry I dont have any pictures of Club Cars, but you should have plenty of room being a Carryall.

Get the kit from Cart Parts Plus. Best move I ever made.
A few hours and it's in there.

Here is mine just after the engine was mounted.
The kit comes with everything you need!
I believe the 1997+ kits come with HS gears though to make up for having to run it in reverse.



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I talked to cartsparts. They don't sell the mounting plate separately. I'm going to have to make my own.

No No, does your mounting plate raise the motor up by almost an inch? I had the motor siting in there with the 1190 clutch on it and it looks like I woule need to raise it about an inch to make enough clearance for the oil filter. Man, is it tight in there.

What size belt and what is your center to center distances that you have in between the clutches?