Brand New 14 inch 4 guage battery cables


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I bought some cables new cables and decided to go bigger and to do my whole cart so I have these brand new 14 inch 4 guage wires for sale. $22 shipped to you. They are black in color. Heres the info from where I bought them........

14" cables are required for 48 Volt Club Cars, 12" cables will not properly fit.

SAE #4 Gauge Heavy Duty cables. (Stock cables are 6 guage)

SAE 105 Copper centigrade( Not Alumium) with offset 5/16 SS ends with shrink tube to prevent corrosion on the ends that will reduce the life of the cables and lower preformace.

The #4 gauge cables are a must for motor upgrades.

Increased voltage flow and performace even for stock golf carts.