So the drivers side does not work, I can see the cable moving the pivot on the drum.
The rubber boot is torn on that side.
I will need to do the fix at the campground, can someone tell me what parts I will most likely need?
Looks like I need to remove the wheel and the remove the big nut and then?


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
you'll need a 1 1/8 socket and long breaker bar, long crow bar to put in between the studs to stop it from turnin' when ya back off the nut. hammer, vise grips to remove and install the springs, flat screwdriver wd40 and torque wrench that goes up to 125 ftlbs.

Thanks for the info Nubs.
I went ahead and brought the cart home.
I noticed the little arm that rotates the wheel does not engage it. It just goes over the top. How do I fix that?
It looks like I should replace the pads as long as I have it apart???


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
i think the arm your talking about is just to hold the wheel from turning on its own. they don't auto adjust like cars and trucks.
The little arm hits the star wheel on one side when you press on the brake pedal but on the other side it moves over the top so I'm thinking something is off.
It looks like it's a lifted cart? Is your brake cable still in the l bracket by the battery? Or if it's electric it would be right under your seat. The only reason I say that is because in the pic it looks like theres a lot of stress on the cable! On lifted ezgos you need to take the cable out of that bracket. Otherwise it will always put more stress on the drivers side cable.


Where did you get the shoes and what part # are they. As far as the self adjuster it sounds like it's bent. Like Radical said make sure the cables aren't to tight if the cart has a lift.

There's parts manuals in the EZGO Resource section of the forum. They will have the part #'s for the self adjusters and any other brake parts.


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
i see they are self adjusting like Rod said
was takin' the ones off my spring cart and there it was
i must be runnin' to much old crap

Thanks for all the info guys. I will be taking it apart this weekend to clean up and replace the shoes. Never new about the brake cable Eric, yes it's lifted, I will take it out of the bracket.
I will let everyone know my progress this weekend and might even drive it around my yard wearing shorts
Fixed, brakes work great now. Looks like the self adjuster does not always work properly on the one side but now I know to go ahead and adjust it once or twice a year.
Thanks for everyone's help.