Brake switch adjustment?


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2008 Precedent
Light kit installed with headlight, horn, flashers, turn signals, brake lights.
Everything works ok....except. I have to push the pedal pretty hard to activate the brake lights and they occasionally stay on after I stop the cart and set the brake. I can "pump" the brakes several times and the lights will go off. They turn off with the key is off.
I've read related posts and I am aware of the timer switch that some carts have. Mine does not have that option. When I remove the mat and look in the pedal area I cannot find the brake switch. It is not attached to the cable assembly as I have seen on other carts I have serviced. The issue seems to have started when I tightened up the brake cables and put dry moly lube on the moving parts of the pedal group.

Where is the switch located that activates the brake lights? I figure it's on the pedal group somewhere but I can't find it. The kit was on the cart when I bought it new so I don't know if it was dealer or factory installed. I'm guessing it's adjustable, or perhaps just sticking due to my generous use of dry moly lube.



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try looking under the cart on the pedal group, if it has brake lights the switch has to be there somewhere. ( on pedal group ) .............................................