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2009 Precedent. Factory installed lighting kit with headlights, turn signals and brake lights. It has a pressure operated open/closed switch behind the brake pedal pad that is working ok. The brake lights don't work on occasion and when they do they do not seem to time out. It would appear that the brake relay is the problem, but I can't physically locate it. I purchased a service manual and it has wiring diagrams, but doesn't mention the location of the components.
Any ideas about where the brake relay is physically located?


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I have an'04 gas, what do you mean "time out"?
I have to turn the key off to get the brake lights to
go out with the hill/park brake on.


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On the factory install my understanding is that when you set the parking brake it picks up a relay that keeps the brake lights on for about 4 minutes. There are after market kits that attach to the brake equalizer rod that basically do the same thing, but with the switch located in the pedal group area and the delay being less than 4 minutes.

Currently my cart's brake lights do not operate properly all of the time. Sometimes they don't light and when they do light, and stay light, they do not time out (and go off) after about 4 minutes. I think that the "don't light" problem is due to the fact that the pressure switch that is behind the brake pedal pad is in the lower right of the brake pedal and if I don't apply pressure there the circuit does not complete and therefore the timed relay does not pick up. I verified the correct operation of the pressure sensor with a VOM and it does open/close when I apply a very light pressure to the bottom right of the brake pedal.

I would like to trouble shoot the brake light relay, but I am just not sure where it is physically located on the cart.

I'm not sure, but I am guessing that your cart does not have a timed relay. When you press the brake pedal and complete the circuit it stays completed until you release the brake or remove power to the circuit, ie, turn the key to the off position. You could add a timed relay to the circuit that would simply open the circuit after a set time so the lights would not stay on all night in case you forgot to turn off the key. Nothing wrong with just turning the key to off, but since my factory installed system has a timed relay ( I think! ) I just want to figure out why it's not working properly.


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Look in the dash and mcor area for the time delay relay, and yes you have 2 problems actuating and timing out. Once you find it I can help troubleshooting


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Well my 09 Precedent electric has this lighting system installed.

Headlights, brake lights, horn, tail lights and turn signals. Everything is working OK right now, except the brake lights.

The brakes are actuated by a small pressure activated strip switch that has been inserted just behind the rubber brake pedal pad. It's a very small switch. I have checked that out and with foot pressure applied the circuit is completed, and the brake lights should go on.

I located the brake relay behind the "instrument panel". It is an HDI-048D-A30PMS. It has 4 wires connected. Orange, Blue/White, Green/White, and Black. Two of the terminals are labeled com and NO. I have a Precedent Maintenance and Service manual and the wire color codes match exactly. I also found a nice schematic that shows that the orange and blue/white wires go to the coil and the green/white and blue wires come off the NO contacts. I confirmed with a VOM that the NO contacts are open. I measured the coil resistance and I believe it was/is? in the 2K vicinity.

I fiddled with the switch and actually had the brake lights working normally. I put everything back together and the brake lights do not work, again, although everything else still works normally. I shorted out the brake pedal pressure switch and the brake lights still did not work so I do not think that circuit/switch is the problem. certainly appears to me that the brake relay is the culprit.

I'm pretty certain that my cart does not have a timed relay in the circuit, but I am definitely open to suggestions in case I'm missing something.

What I would really like to do is find a replacement relay that has a timed circuit in the relay. Short of that I would just like to find out where I can purchase the relay. I prefer to purchase on-line due to my location.


Any of the forum sponsors here should be able to get you the relay. You may have to call them if it's not listed on their website.


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My 2010 Precedent has the brake switch and the relay under the floorboard near the brake pedal. You must remove the torx screws and lift off the floor mat. There is a compartment cover you remove to see the switch and relay.


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My light install is different. I believe it was a Club Car option installation. I'm familiar with the pedal group area since I service neighbors! I have seen carts that have an activation switch and timed relay near the brake cable connector. Mine does not have any switch there or on the pedal group itself. Mine has a simple open/closed pressure switch (mounted right behind the rubber brake pedal pad ) that closes the circuit that activates the brake relay which is located behind the "instrument panel". The foot brake switch is operating as advertised and verified by a VOM. I have ordered a new switch and should have it this week. That should fix the inoperative/intermittent brake light circuit.
If not I'll be looking for a bad connection but my nickel is on the brake relay being the problem.


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Brake Lights
Activation Switches

Replacing the relay fixed the problem.

I have a similar issue with a different cart. It's posted under the activation switch subheading.