Brake lights

Can anyone tell a newbe to this forum what is involved with installing brake light on a 2000 yamaha that has existing light in it?Rear light work as marker lights only and if not to complacated id like to convert them to working brak lights,Thanks,Paul


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How many wires does the light have coming out of it? The light needs to have dual a element bulb or 2 bulbs if you want it to be a tail light and brake light. Then you will need either a brake light switch or a button on the brake pedal to turn the brake lights on. Check the exisiting light first then we'll go from there.
I had some time to check light bulbs today and they are 1157,s 2 element bulbs,so what is the next step and what else do i need to buy.?Thanks in advance for your help.Paul


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At this point you need to determine if there are 3 wires coming out of the existing tail light fixtures, There should be 3 wires, a hot for running lamps, a hot for brake lamps, and a ground for both. The hot for brakes should not be connected to anything at this point. If so, report back and we can go from there.
gornoman,It,s been a while but i was side tracked,i do have 3 wires comming from taillights,so i got a harness and switch and hooked up switch to pedal,one wire to12 volt sorce that had fuse hooked to it,last 2 wires went to red wires comming from tail lights according to directions.When i tried them all four lights blink.,and brake light worked however they wee very dull compaired to turn signals.Was told by someone thay my turn signals lack the right amount of wires and needed 3 prong flasher,i have 2 prongs on mine.I know nothing about electrical hookups but can follow directions so someone set me stright.Thanks in advance.