Brake Hubs

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Have spun the splines out of the brake hub.Have heard that all hubs are not created equal.
Where can I find the original equipment parts or something better?


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ive ordered from them a few times already and they are on the ball there for delivery and freindly service,john


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Just a reminder to torque the hubs the to 125 ft lbs minimum. The number one cause to a spun hud. It just was not tight enough to begin with. And when torqueing the nut down. Never back the nut off in order to make the pin fit..


I know the ad at GCC says factory made but the pics they show don't look like genuine EZGO hubs. I don't see the EZGO casting marks on theirs and the ribs are totally different. I'd rather spend $2.50 more and know I'm getting genuine parts from EZGO. Not saying the ones from GCC aren't but the ones in the pics on GCC don't look like factory EZGO hubs.


Thanks for the info PD. I didn't see it on the ones shown on the GCC website. You should be able to get them at any reputable EZGO dealer for the same price listed on ShopEZGO and save the shipping charges.
I know I sell the OEM hubs! And we strip them out all the time at the golf course. That is on the Beverage unit though.... We go through 4 sets a year!!!!