Brake Adjustment


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Installing new brake assemblies on my EZ-Ho...What is the best way to adjust the brakes once they are installed?
I am working on it right now, so any help would be great.



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Nevermind. I got it . I think I may have woke up my neighbors with all the tire howlin'


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Ihave a 85 EZGO and there is no STAR wheel . I can lock down one side but the other side does not work. I removed the drum and the rear shoe moves a tiny bit but the front does not move at all. Can anyone tell me where to get info on older cable brakes? It does not look like the manuls I have ..Thanks


The older EZGO didn't have a self adjuster for adjusting brakes.

To adjust brakes on your 85 EZGO theres a rubber cover on top of the backing plate. Pull off the rubber cover and turn the square shaft clockwise to adjust the shoes outward. Turn it until it feels tight, then back off a couple clicks The adjuster is a cone shaped hex inside that spreads the top of the shoes.