Brake adjusting


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I've just finished installing new brake shoes on a 1998 Yamaha G-19 electric cart. I'm no mechanic but it went okay doing one side at a time so I could copy spring position etc. I had to turn both adjusters in a bit to make room for the new shoes inside the drums. That went okay too. They turn freely until I touch the brakes then they release nicely. However I'm not sure how to adjust them properly. On Club Car there's a bolt on the backside of the hub which when screwed inward serves to drive the shoes outward just a bit until the desired friction is attained. These may be self adjusting however I don't have a clue as to how that might work. I seek fundmental knowledge as to how these adjusters work. Also, if I've got it right, there's a cable adjuster nearer the front of the cart where one nut evenly controls the tension on both cables.