Bought a Helicopter


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Not to be out done by all the guys at the lake I bought a helicopter. Keeping up with the Joneses really suck.. First it was golf carts. Then it went to the longest trailer . And now is all about the hot rods. So I bought a helicopter for me and the grandkids. I have videos of leasson in progress. I'll post them as soon as I figure out to post vids..


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Yes Tim, it is great entertainment. That's why I bought it. Speaking of entertainment. Why don't you bring your ez-go sleeper to Terry H race in July. Im sure the vids you post of it doesn't really do it justice. It would be great having you & your cart at this event. :hattip:


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8 months and 20 days between posts is not a record, but it's a damn good average.


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COPB It has worked out just fine. The grandkids love it & are really getting good at it. I have only had to replace it twice. :rotflmao:


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Been looking at them but figure I'll just set fire to the money
Won't be as disappointed that way lol

Ronnie should have one I would think

Heard much easier than helicopter