body repair


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what can be used to repair holes in the body of a g16? what did you use or what is recommended?
also after the repaired holes, tell me how to paint it and what to use.


I ran the body shop when I worked for yamaha. What I found that worked the best is the

same repair kits that the automotive shops used to repair the plastic front and rear bumpers.

Any store that sells paint supplies will carry these products. If you are just filling a hole you

can use bondo. Just use more hardener when you mix it so it stays flexable. Bondo also needs

primed. It is very easy to sand and shape with 80grit paper.

As far as painting I have painted all types of plastic. Just wet sand it with 400 grit sand paper

to remove the gloss.

On the g-8 carts the panels were made of brown metton. It was a form of cold injection

molding plastic process.

These panels were very difficult to prep and paint. If you sanded them and painted them they

would turn brown and show right through the primer or paint even if you used sealer.

I found if I left them outside in the sun for a day then and only then I could paint them and

not have any bleed through. When Yamaha paints these at the factory the new panels are

very shiny and the paint never adhered to the panels.

On the g-2 and g-9 carts I would steam clean the body panels until they looked like new than

I clear coated them.