Body Parts 71-74 model


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I bought a destroyed EZ-GO cart for $200 so I guess you veterans will have to bear with my newbie questions for a while. I installed car and home audio systems for the last 25 years so I am up on my electronics but these things are quite a bit different.

For now I will stick to the questions I can ask reasonably intelligently :)
The body is pretty shabby. I will post pics later. I have decided to make this into a hunting cart so I am not terribly concerned about a beautiful paint job. What I am concerned about is replacing all the missing plastic around the corners and the missing trim/handles next to the seats. I would also like to replace one of the rear fenders. All of mine are missing or rotten. I have a couple of catalogs gut no one seems to sell parts for these older carts. Anyone have a source for these body parts and parts for older carts like mine?


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I would suggest contacting Parts 4 Carts in Athens, AL 35613. They have a hugh supply of old cart parts.


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Here is a before picture of my cart. I am missing quite a few plastic parts and the trim to go along the edges of the floor.



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Your cart may be a couple years newer than you think. My 1973 has rounded off rear fenders all made of metal. Yours has the newer style that had plastic pieces on the back ends to make the rounded off part. I had a 1977 EZGO gas cart that I gave to my son. It has the plastic ends on the fenders. Look up pictures of some later model Marathon models and you will see what I am talking about.


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Interesting! Well the reason I came up with the age is because in 75 and back the plate was under the seat and that is where mine is. I am no expert...
I am going to look at a 73 that has an owners manual with it that say 73 tomorrow so we will see.