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Hello all. I have a 93 CC DS. Looking to repair and paint body. When i painted my 94 Yamaha, I used krylon. It looked ok, but i'm looking to go a step up now. Any reccomedations on a specific body filler would be appreciated. Also what grit paper is best on this plastic body to give it that smooth, clean feel.

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so are ya sayin' you want to spray it with a gun then?


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any filler that works on the ABS bumpers on cars will work, i sand em with 150 and wipe it down and seal it with epoxy sealer then go back and sand/fill the bad spots. the sealer sticks to anything and ya know the paint will stick, sand to 150 again and shoot a high build primer. sand out to 320 and tack rag then shoot yer your base color and clear.