Blowing Fuses


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i bought a 92 gas club car. After about a day it quit running and had to charge it to get it going. After testing it and finding out it was only putting out a little over 12 volts i decided to put a new voltage regulator in since that is the most common problem. Well i put in the new VR in and now it just blows the fuse ever time you turn the key. I double checked and i hooked it up the same way it came out. Anybody got any suggestions. im at a loss right now THANKS


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There has been some problems with gay regulators lately. I hope you didn't get one of them.

Have you put your meter across the fuse to see what you are getting there now?


It sounds like it's either a bad regulator, not wired correctly or a short somewhere. Triple check the wiring and if it checks out ok you could try putting the old regulator back on and see if the fuse still blows.


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i think it might be wired wrong, the new style regulator is wired different than the old style........there is 1 wire that you don,t use............................