Big Block Chevy Cushman Titan Build


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I would look around for a better price, that blaster will work but your lookin' @ hrs of blasting and a lot of sand. You can recycle the sand once but it needs to be fine screened to get out the paint chips etc or they'll collect in the bottom of the pot and plug the valve and hose, Huge pain in the balls all the way around.
I say if ya can get it done for under 1K its money very well spent:twocents:


I agree with nubs, those pressure tank blasters work good, but a :censored: load of sand, and those full blasting suits suck ass as well.
I just turned in my stretched ezgo chassis, front & rear axle, all four leaf springs, and a hand full of other parts. My local blaster guy said it would be around $200. We will see when its all done what his final price is.


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Started assembling front axle today. I'll get pics tomorrow if I work on it. Did something stupid and can barely walk.
Bitch is, I'm not sure what stupid thing I did lol


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Slow going but yes, progress. Should have made our own front axle. Thought it’d be easier buying it. Not so much lol