Best way to get started?


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I recenly went carting with a couple of buddies of mine. They both have EZ Go gas powered carts that have small lifts and bigger tires. I fell in love with cruising the trails and sometimes blazing new ones. I would like to get a cart of my own....any ideas how to get started? Should I buy and build (I have no problem doing this) or buy one already lifted? What are the best mods? Engine mods? Lifts? Tires? I am working on a limited budget of about 4k. What is the best way to get started in this? I really know NOTHING about golf carts other than what my two buddies tell me...which isnt much because they are very competitive when it comes to their toys.


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Ez Go is the easiest and cheapest to mod. You can do alot for 4k. I would look for a TXT model.


New Member I got the TXT cart. was already lifted with tires and rims. Now...what is the first engine/performance mod I should do to get more torque, top speed, power...etc. I already turned the rev limiter up so I estimate i am getting about 16-18mph out of it. I guess I am looking for advice on what the easiest ways to boost performance are.