Best Used Electric Golf Cart to Buy?


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I have been "eyeballing" Craigs List, ebay, etc looking for a good used electric golf cart and of course there's lots of them. Any suggestion on the best used electric golf cat to buy?
About 10 years ago, I bought a used Yamaha Sun Classic 2-stroke that was absolutely trouble free for about 5 years but I sold it when I moved to a retirement community (where they only allow electric "street legal" carts). I recall that the elec schematics for the reversing solenoids, headlights, turn signals, etc on my Yamaha Gas looked pretty complex to me....luckily I never had to use 'em. I am wondering if there really is much difference in the various brands of elec carts as far as reliability and ease of repair is concerned. Is there any general "agreement" among you guys who work on these as to which would be the most straight-fwd to maintain? ......... or maybe a better way to look at it would there is one brand or two that it would be best to stay away from if one is not looking for "technical challenges"? I am a dude that has been doin' his own car repair, elec work, plumbing, air conditioning, etc for 50 years, but for me, a "simpler" cart would be better than a host of technical challenges........ (and maybe there are no significant differences across major brands?) One specific question I have though concerns 36v vs 48v......any advantage one over the other?

pls 'scuse the long-winded post......and thanks in advance. Ed


Any of the big three, EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha are all good electric carts. In my opinion the EZGO electrics are the most dependable and easiest to work on. I'm not a big fan of the OBC that Club Car uses. On a stock cart there's really no difference in performance or runtime between 36 volts or 48 volts. But a lot of the 48 volt carts can be programmed to run faster as can the 36 volt EZGO PDS golf carts.


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Thanks Admin- That really answers my question.....appreciate it. I'm not sure why, but I was sorta leaning toward EZ Go, but if I see another major brand that looks especially good I'll know that any of the major brands should do well for me. I sure don't have any brand loyalty in carts...........or in cars for that matter (I've owned so many different car makes.....I've come to the conclusion that a lot has to do with the "luck of the draw." ) Regards, Ed S.


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I have not seen a simpler, easier to work on layout than the battery bay of an EZ-Go TXT Series/Fleet cart. Simple control wiring, single solenoid, just basic stuff....