Best Tires For Non-Lifted Club Car

Roy Gurley

I have 2014 Club Car NON-Lifted I need some new tires. I drive about 50/50 road-grass. What is the best tires to get.... I'll be getting from Golf Cart Tire Supply. Size 18x9.50x8 tks


I'd go with either sawtooth tires
or these

Don K

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You might consider bumping up to 10" wheels with 205/ 50 - 10 tires. Golf Cart Tire Supply has quite a few and that's what I put on my "99 CC DS a couple years ago. I'm not a "lifted cart" guy but this size will bolt right on with no clearance issues. I used to race sports cars so I prefer low and wide. I widened my track 4" in the rear, 3 inches in front and put the fender flare kit on. Nothing fancy, but different.


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Don K

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Agree. Mine are a Steeleng brand (China I assume) 205/50 - 10. Been on the cart 2.5 years and don't show much wear at all. This is a "retired" cart like me, so the use it gets is mostly my wife running around the neighborhood - pool, mailbox, clubhouse, and occasionally a ride to an area outdoor restaurant. (SW FL) You know, old peoples :censored:!