Best of the Big 3 for Fish Cart Build-Out

Dear Cartaholics Members - I am a fishing guide in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin in need of your help.

I am on a quest to narrow down my search for a lightly used, 4-person, ELECTRIC golf cart that has the best bones for a new battery overhaul. The cart will eventually need to possess everything a street-legal cart in WI needs to have. I have narrowed my search down to the Big 3 Brands; Yamaha, EZ-Go and Club Car. I am primarily interested in member's opinions regarding which brands, which 4-person models and which year classes I should focus on in order to narrow my search. I have the following considerations:

I would be using the cart to transport up to 4 clients (4-person frame a must-have)
I have up to $5,000 to spend on the dilapidated cart and up to $2,000 to spend rehabbing it
I would want to travel up to 30 miles/charge on relatively flat roads without pushing my luck
Potential high-end speed after re-build a plus
A large top to shelter from rain would be a plus
Blacktop and dirt roads with minor off-road capabilities a plus (ability to easily be lifted or come factory standard slightly off-road-ready a plus)
Availability of street-legal accessories
Capacity for at least a 48 volt system
Nothing older than 2010

In summation, I'm looking for knowledgable opinion regarding what year ranges and for which models I would be best served to focus my search on in order to find a high quality used cart that can most easily re-fitted with new batteries in order to serve as a fish cart for years to come.


"If I were looking for a used, 4-person golf-cart to bring back to life with a 48-volt system I would focus on ClubCar models Xxxxx and Yyyyy from years 20XX-201X because of a, b and c."

"I would avoid EZ-GO model Xxxxx or Yyyyy because of this, that or the other."

"The best value for used 4-person electric carts right now is this model from YAMAHA or EZ-GO or CLUBCAR from 20XX to 201X."

I really appreciate the resource. This is something I will be tackling in the next 1-3 months and I look forward to keeping the board apprised of my progress. Thank you!


Any of the big 3 you mentioned would be fine but I would narrow the search to either EZGO or Club Car and go with as new as you can afford.


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I basically only know Club Car anything from 2004 on with a sepex drive system. For that kind of mileage you're going to need to go lithium batteries and AC drive.


Stay away from Yamaha 2007 to 2012 because of the team rear axle , EZGO early RXVs have had their share of problems also. I agree with diode you would need to go A/C drive for the distance and Yamaha makes a good system but it 2015 and newer. EZGO 2012 and newer would be good as well. You can do a conversion but cost will be a issue.