Best Location To Carrying Battery Charger On Golf Cart


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How do any of you carry your battery charger ON your golf cart? If so what's the best location? Could you maybe post some pics for me some ideas to go by. My Club Car golf cart has the rear flip seat option on it so I'm not sure weather to stick it in the only spot, the bag well or do what with it. :dazed: Any ideas?


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I have an onboard charger that I elected to not install onboard.
Depending on what you have for a charger, very few are waterproof and are prone to heat and water issues.
With a 30+ mile range, I haven't needed to charge during an outing, plus who needs to carry any more weight than needed. :twocents:


I agree with Doug.
Not only the chance of getting wet and extra weight but the vibrations, theft, etc...
You're better off leaving the charger at home.