Best Batteries for Electric Golf Carts


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This not being my first rodeo when it comes to heavy equipment and farm equipment, I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to these electric golf carts. That said, I was wondering if there is an industry gold standard for the best golf cart batteries in these electric golf carts.

I've had fairly good results with Everlast and DieHard branded Johnson Controls manufactured batteries and fairly dismal results in the form of plate failures on Exide built batteries regardless of whose brand was on them. I've never run an Allied Signal built battery so I don't know anything about these.

I've heard that these guys are the only three manufacturers of lead acid batteries in the US and that they brand for everybody else.

Is this true?

Who makes the Titan?


New Member always recommends Trojan Batteries for electric golf carts. There are a couple of older posts here on Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum that compare the major brands of golf cart batteries. Make sure to gather and follow information on breaking in and maintaining new batteries, that is the key to longevity. Welcome & good luck with your golf carts.