Best 4x4 Truck or SUV


What do you think the best 4x4 truck or suv is as far as aftermarket parts availability and off road capabilities in the $2-3000 range?

My pick is a Jeep Cherokee XJ just by what I have heard about them. Do they have a frame?

What would be the best vehicle for standing out in the walmart parking lot? And the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile is not a choice.


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If you want info. on Jeeps, by all means pm Keith (wheelchairman). He is very knowledgeable of them. You should be able to get some pretty good for that price range. I think now-a-days, just about everything is easily accessorized. I would lean toward whatever ran the best. You can always fix a vehicle up to suit your needs a little at a time.


I would just like to keep my F-150 but my mom doesnt want me driving a stick shift even though I have been driving them since I was 7.

Oh man I think I found the best off road truck. $10,000 doesnt seem that bad for something so heavily modded.

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I like that truck but it's waaaay too long for me. Why's your mom care if YOU drive a stick? Your 150's NICE. I'd keep it.