Belt - spring upgrade


So with my new clutches in place and working, I'm pretty sure there's some tuning to be done.

My cart now sports an Ezgo drive clutch. Both the new drive and driven clutch have a little larger diameter and the result is a pretty snug fit belt-wise. From what I can tell, if the drive clutch is spinning at all, the belt is moving. So if there's no slippage during the low rpm start phase, installing a heavier spring in the drive clutch wouldn't do much, would it?

The belt width is suspect too. It's 1 & 1/8th". I think I remember seeing somewhere in the forum the Ezgo drive clutch I have is built for a belt width of 1 & 3/16th", Nubs? but it's working pretty good with the narrower belt now, even though it doesn't slip as it should at start-up. Seems to me that if the belt was long enough to slip at start-up, and a little wider so it will ride all the way out to the outermost diameter of the drive clutch, it would perform even better. Yes?


If my thinking is correct, and I need the wider belt, how much longer should I go? Any rule of thumb to go by?

Here's the best pics I can get to show what I got going on now:



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how does the engine mount, can ya slot the holes or make a new plate with slots? its nice to be able to tweak it

once you get the belt tension right that belt may ride up to the top of the drive
you can take a cloth tape and go around the bottom of the drive and wrap it around the outside of the driven and add 2" to the measurement, it gets ya close but its still nice to have some adjustment.
So I did a little measuring and it looks like my best bet will be to slot the holes that are there. The valve cover
and differential are about an inch from each other, but if I could move it a half inch that would be like adding
an inch to the belt. I will need to re-do the exhaust because of the support brackets. But the can on it is
cracked at the support mount anyways. It has a 1" header going into the can, but comes out very small.
I know it needs to breath better than that...


I'll have to do a little more thinking on that one, but it ain't stayin'.

While I was in the shop I noticed the spring from the old clutch. It looks way heavier than the stock in the
picture a couple threads over. Are any of them interchangeable? It has an ID of 1 & 7/16th" and is 2 & 9/16th"
long. Think it would work?

I would paint it of course