Beach Carts


This was my very first cart I bought. 1989 Marothone. I took it completely apart and rebuilt it over the winter. I had the cart in my carport back then, didn't have the garage as I do now. I would start the Kersone heater and put tarps up to work inside the carport. My wife hated it until that spring when she got to ride on it!

Kept it for 6 years in Barefoot Campground in North Myrtle Beach!
Fourth of July cookout the second year we lived there. Feed 150 people that day had 7 cookiers going. Bling,Bling and the 1989 both even made the picture. We used Bling, Bling for a table. The 89 is the one the kids used back then.

We sold the park model and bought a double wide. It came with a cart also and I sold it too!

Now we are down in Garden City with all new carts except for Bling, Bling! There is no better place than the beach area for just out enjoying a nice breeze and a ride down along the beach.

Pimp Daddy

Cartaholic - R.I.P.
Great pictures ANDY!!!


Here are some other carts I have worked on @ the beach these first few are in Lake Wood Campground. I did the lights and stuff on them