Batts bad??


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I have a 2006 CC IQ with motor / controller upgrade. My batts are only about 14 months old and I dont think they should read as low as they do. each batt reads 8.3 volts and the entire pack reads 50.5 volts. I tested 30 mins after the charger shut off. Are they suppose to be that low only after being 14 months old? I checked the water regularly and only use distilled water and always keep on charge, well sometimes it may sit over one night without charging? Thanks fo any help!!


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Are you having a problem or just checking battery status?
Your current readings show 80%-90% charged.
First check the battery in your meter, it can give low readings.
The pack should be 50.96v and each battery should be 8.49v for a 100% charge.
The brand of the battery is unimportant to it's ability to take or hold a charge.
The finishing voltage from your charger in the final stage of charging your batteries should be around 60v.