Battery Wiring

Ok now understanding voltage and Ah much better I realize my dilemma...I purchased 3-12v/40 Ah batteries and installed them in my cart (lifted and bigger tires) thinking the weight reduction and being new would answer all my questions... Now realizing 40Ah is not enough for the distance we travel while camping...other than that is a perfect have seen the series vs parallel wiring where 2 batteries are in parallel in one bank and 2 in another bank and then tied together in series ... well my question is if you have my 3 batteries can that amount be done in a series/parallel format or create the dead short I am thinking is going to happen...because it would wire the 3 positive terminals and 3 negative terminals in parallel and then you have to take 1 positve terminal to the negative term on all 3 batteries...maintaining the output from opposite ends of the bank as your leads to the controller??because if it cannot be done I need to return them and will get the 1-36v 80Ah battery...I also want to test 1 last time with the radio/lights disconnected from batteries, because I thought 40 Ah would at least get me 6-10 miles depending on load and we travel mostly flat area... Plus has there been any research out there regarding a lifted cart and how many Ah are optimum for the normal run time of the 3-5 rounds of golf (that being 15-25 miles) much appreciated to everyone.. I am sure there is a wiser person than I am Thanks in advance
well got everything installed made my own battery tray, all accessories onto a seperate 12v supply, first weekend at camp ran all weekend without a single recharge…then waited 2 weeks to ho back, rained a lot, but towards the end and back home parking it battery indicator read half charge left but dying on hills even with just a slight incline…don’t know if kids did a pile on with more than 500lbs burning motor or controller out… speed sensor is vlean no mud on it, left the charger on it.. started pack volts was 33.2 after 5-6 hours(only a 5a charger) pulled it off at only 36 .3 volts dont know what to look at all wiring connections are tight, getting same volts on pack as on wiring up to battery meter but lights never went up to almost step was to pull and test individual batteries but not sure if that’s it 1st battery 6.2, then 12.2,then jumped and had 24 but then 36.3, so need to read up on how to check controller and motor

Patrick L

5 amp charge isn't much. Will your charger shut off when batteries are charged ? It should, but, I'd recommend checking with the manufacturer.