Battery Watering Procedure

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Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Here's some info from the Trojan website on how to properly fill golf cart batteries with distilled water...

1. Open the vent caps and look inside the fill wells.

2. Check electrolyte level; the minimum level is at the top of the plates.

3. If necessary add just enough distilled water to cover the plates at this time.

4. Put batteries on a complete charge before adding any additional water (refer to the Charging section).

5. Once charging is completed, open the vent caps and look inside the fill wells.

6. Add distilled water until the electrolyte level is 1/8" below the bottom of the fill well.

7. A piece of rubber can be used safely as a dipstick to help determine this level.

8. Clean, replace, and tighten all vent caps.

The key is DO NOT fill them to the proper level until the batteries are fully charged. If the electrolyte is below the plates add distilled water until the plates are just covered then fully charge the batteries. After the batteries are FULLY charged fill them to 1/8" below the fill well (sleeve sticking down into cells)
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