Battery voltage

Is 10.2 volts low enough for a gas (295) cart to just click when the pedal is pushed?Some times it will act like it has no power from the battery at all and other times it fires right up.I am thinking a bad battery as it is several yrs old. Any ideas?
Well,that is the part I'm not sure of. I charged it yesterday and it only took it about 2 hrs to reach full charge (according to the battery charger) with a voltage reading of 12. 4. I rode it a bit with several starts and stops and it did fine. I removed the cables and cleaned and traced them checking for good clean, thight connections.The problem seems to crop up when it sits several days without any use. I suspect it may have the origional battery as it is a 2005 cart and the battery is an Ezgo battery with a sticker that says D5 on it.How do I check to see if it is charging?


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
i would replace the battery, you can clip your volt meter on the battery and start the cart in neutral, the voltage should rise to 14.5 + or - with some rpm's.
I knew it had to be something simple, thank you