Battery Voltage Questions?


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What should each battery voltage be an hour after a full charge, and what should the pack voltage be?

03 PDS 36V

I am assuming that to get the pack voltage you measure from the posts where the cables to the controller are attached.


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After about an hour each battery was at 6.4 to 6.3. Pack was 38.7. But after about 5-6 miles the cart is almost dead. Batteries are 4 years old. Any ideas on why it would be going dead so soon? Lights are off. No stereo or anything else. Not lifted, and only carrying two people.


It sounds like it might be time for new batteries. Take a individual battery voltage reading after 5-6 miles when the cart starts slowing down. That will give us the info to determine if it's bad battery(s).
I forget did you just get this cart? If you just got the cart I would recharge/discharge four or five times and see if your range can increase.

Each cylce may help reduce the sulfation caused damage sometimes. There are other ways to desulfate that you can Google and read about them.

If you can get the range up to 10 miles could you live with that.

Our 2007 EZGO PDS batteries are dated Oct 2006 and we can do 20 miles with about 450 pounds with hills just fine and if pushed to 25 miles the bank will be dropping below 30 volts which is not good.

Trojans can last up to 10 years but they need to stay fully charged the entire time when not in used and put on the charger as soon as one stops riding.

Let us know your range after recharging them five more times with the charger running over night each time. Some chargers do a form of Desulfating at the end of each cycle so you do not want to remove the charger until it fully powers down. The meter may look like it is not doing anything so listen for the hum.


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Yesterday went about 1 1/2 miles, then let it sit overnight. This morning the voltages were all 6.1 or 6.2. Rode it about a half mile and it slowed to about 2 mph on a very slight hill. Went a total of maybe another mile or so and the voltage on 3 batteries is 6.1. one battery 5.8 and 2 batteries 6.0. Pack shows 37.3v.
Maybe the 5.8 battery is bad and killing the cart?

I have had it about a year, and it ran fine until recently. Always plugged the charger in when we got off. The batteries are 07s so they should last longer than this, but I don't know how well they were taken care of before.
And it has the 6 guage wires on it. Cleaned all the contacts but that didnt help.

With the cart in tow mode, switch in neutral, press on the gas I get no beeps at all. With the freedom chip shouldnt I get 4 beeps for that chip?
Sorry but it sounds like it is time to go to Sam's, Costco, etc. Even with the cheaper batteries they may last longer than that because of the care you will give them. It was abused somewhere along the way I expect.

Up date us on the range with the new batteries. Remember most new batteries get stronger over the first 20+ recharge cycles.